terça-feira, 30 de março de 2010

Hanuman Jayanti

Hoje é Hanuman Jayanti, dia em que celebramos o nascimento de Hanuman.
Vamos honrar esse Deus macaco tão devoto e fiel.
Jaya Hanuman!

I shine forth Hanuman, Who is the Son of wind, Who is approached by everyone seeking a wish, Who brings forth joy, Who is free from desires, Who is gladdening, and Who is the foremost in the messengers of Rama. I think of Hanuman, Whose face is like a red new lotus, Whose corners of the eyes are full of mercy, Who is animating, Whose valor is charming, and Who is the pride of Anjana.

I take support of Hanuman, Who is faster than the arrow of enemy of Shambara (Krishna), Who has wide large eyes like the petals of a big lotus flower, Whose throat is shaped like a conch-shell, Who is the fortune of Anila (Wind), Whose lips are red like the Bimba fruit, and Who is unique. May the idol of Hanuman — Who destroyed the pain of Sita, Who brought forth the resplendence and energy inside Rama, Who destroyed the glory of Ten-headed Ravana — appears before me.|

I saw Hanuman, the leader of the group of monkeys, Who is like the sun for water-lily like lineage of demons, Who is perfect for the happiness of the poor, and Who is the result of penance of Pavana (Wind).

Those who read this five jewel-like eulogy of the son of Pavana (Hanuman), enjoy all the luxuries for a long time; in the end they attain the devotion of Sri Rama.

~ Adi Shankaracharya

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