quarta-feira, 11 de março de 2009

Happy Holi!

Vamos celebrar as cores e a chegada da primavera hoje dia 11 de março, dia do Holi Festival of Colours, que acontece por toda a Índia.
Imagens:. Flickr

Red is the colour of power,welling up inside of me.
Orange is the colour of fun, and all my happy energy.
Yellow is the colour of the sun,which makes me feel happy and warm.
Green is the colour of giggles and laughts,midnight feasts in a boarding school dorm'.
Blue is the colour of calm and cool,like swimming in a summer pool.
Purple is the colour of arty ideas,crayons and pencils and paint.
Pink is the colour of blushing and happy,love and kisses and all stuff that's sappy.
Colours describe how we feel every day,so listen to colours.
They'll help you find your way.

~Erin L.

6 comentários:

me, myself, I disse...

Simply stunning - such joy and happiness emanating from these photos..:)

Patricia Torres disse...

Lovely captures!! Happy Holi to you!

vineeta disse...

Happy holi felicia! Beautiful pictures!

Fernanda R. Lima disse...

Tks my friends ;-)

Gustavo Cunha disse...


O meu presente para vocês aqui.

Happy Holi!

Harih Om

Chandan disse...

Hey A very happy holi to you too!
Love the pictures and the poetry!