terça-feira, 3 de março de 2009

English of India Exhibition

Achei essas imagens no Flickr.
Fazem parte de uma exposição bem divertida, que mostra o inglês dos indianos,
que é cheio de particularidades muito engraçadas.

Dê uma olhada!


Visitors to India are often surprised at the amount of English one encouters – in the street, peppered through Bollywood films and even sometimes in remote locales. Here the colourful sign-writing tradition of India has been used to capture the flavour of this localisation of the global spread of English.

DO THE NEEDFUL: Proceed. Common in formal correspondence.

WHAT'S THE FUNDA: What’s the main idea? Commonly used in colleges.

ROADSIDE ROMEO: Good-for-nothing guy. Popular in South India.

HORN PLEASE OK: Commonly painted on the back of trucks to encourage drivers to toot when overtaking.

LIKE THAT ONLY: Used to add emphasis or agreement to the preceeding point.

LANDED UP: Arrived, as in 'we landed up in Bangalore'.

CHEAP & BEST: Popular amoung vendors when bargaining.

TENSION MATLO: Chill out, literally ‘don't take tension’.

OUT OF STATION: Out of town. Commonly used in the workplace to indicate one is out of town on business.

THUMS UP: Brand name of Coca-Cola’s biggest local competitor.

MENTION NOT: No worries, not a problem.

TIME PASS: Nothing special, as in 'how was the movie?' reply 'time pass'.

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AmericanGypsy disse...

Love it! This makes me miss India and all the highway mayhem.